Constitution Party Platform 2016


At the time of this writing the Constitution Party has access to 442 electoral college delegates nationwide. That’s much more than the minimum 270 required, making voters the only thing standing between the Constitution Party and the White House.

With ballot access in more states than not, we can start by saying which state ballots the Constitution Party is not on. You cannot vote for this party if you live in Massachusetts, North Carolina, or Oklahoma.

For those of you in any of the following states, if you want to vote for the Constitution Party you will need to write in Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley’s name by hand on your ballot to make your vote count. States with the “write in” option are (write-in instructions from the campaign):

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California (pending)
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC – District of Columbia

If you don’t see your state listed anywhere above then you can vote for the Constitution Party; you will see it on your state’s ballot in November.

Constitution Party Platform 2016

The Constitution Party bases its platform on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. Within this framework it takes detailed positions regarding the following issues:


  • Federal government should provide for the common defense
  • Opposes unilateral disarmament
  • Only Congress, not the president, can declare war or deploy troops
  • Would never commit US troops to serve under a foreign flag
  • US security policy should strive to defend the national security interests of the United States
  • Troops, including the National Guard, should never be called to service except in times when Congress declares war
  • Calls for the maintenance of a strong military on land, sea, air, and in space
  • All defense expenditures should be directly related to the defense of the nation
  • Opposes women in combat
  • Supports well-regulated militias operating at the state level
  • Supports unorganized militias at the county and local levels
  • Opposes ceding of US territory in the Panama Canal Zone and favors restoration of such in perpetuity

Foreign policy

  • The US should strive to live in peace with all nations and refrain from interfering in their internal affairs
  • Opposed to foreign entanglements, including treaties, which compromise US national sovereignty
  • Opposes US participation in any world government organizations, such as any kind of world court
  • Calls for withdrawing from the UN
  • Bar the UN from operating on US territory
  • Opposes entering into any treaty, trade agreement, or other type of agreement, that commits American military or tax money, or compromises the sovereignty of the US – including any free trade agreements
  • American troops must only serve under American commanders
  • Calls for withdrawing from NATO
  • Calls for limiting the deployment of US troops to only when Congress declares war
  • Opposes US intervention abroad whenever the sacrifice of American troops is not justified
  • Calls for an end to financing belligerents in troubled areas of the world
  • Supports the principle of the Monroe Doctrine that opposes European involvement in the Western Hemisphere
  • Calls on an end to the US military presence in all countries where this presence could provoke involvement in a foreign war
  • States there is no Constitutional basis for foreign aid and it should be stopped
  • Calls for withdrawing from the World Bank and IMF
  • Calls for abolishing the Import-Export Bank

Religious freedom

  • Asserts that any form of taxation on religious organizations is a step towards state control of the church
  • Asserts that private organizations can determine their own membership (for example, the Boy Scouts of America)

Sanctity of life

  • Legal personhood begins from fertilization to natural death without exception
  • Opposes the distribution and use of all abortificants
  • Will only appoint officials who commit themselves to legal personhood

Domestic federal aid

  • This is illegal and immoral because it goes against what is written in the Constitution; calls for states to decline any of these funds


  • Opposes any kind of government involvement in gambling

Social Security

  • Takes the stance that Social Security is a form of individual welfare not authorized by the Constitution
  • Proposes limitations on Social Security until it can be reasonably phased out, protecting those who have already invested in it

Home government

  • Favors limited federal government and strong states’ rights
  • Opposes any regionalization of government at any level

Drug abuse

  • Favors state legislation on this issue, with federal regulations only applying to stop foreign shipments of drugs from arriving in the US

Government and private partnerships

  • Calls private-public partnerships fascism


  • Opposes statehood for Puerto Rico

Character and moral conduct

  • Public officials should be exemplary in their honesty, integrity, justice, courage, kindness, and more


  • This is a states’ matter and the federal government should in no way be involved
  • Believes that education cannot be separated from religious faith
  • Supports parents who want to educate their children, and the parents of those children not in school should receive equivalent tax relief
  • Favors repealing compulsory attendance laws
  • Supports alternative education options
  • Calls for the elimination of the federal Department of Education, and opposes any federal control over education
  • Opposes No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top, and calls for these to be repealed

Gun control

  • The right to bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution, especially to protect oneself, ones family, and to protect from tyranny
  • Calls for the repeal of all federal firearms legislation, starting with the Federal Firearms Act of 1968

State sovereignty

  • Takes the position that the federal republic has gradually been perverted into federal control of the domestic affairs of the states
  • The federal government has no authority on policies relating to education, natural resources, transportation, private business, health care, housing, etc

Congressional reform

  • Congress has become overpaid, overstaffed, and self-serving
  • Calls for repealing all laws that delegate power to regulatory agencies, the Federal Reserve, and more
  • Calls for repealing the Seventeenth Amendment
  • Supports legislation that would prohibit unrelated riders in bills
  • Supports legislation that requires the Congressional Record to retain an accurate record of proceedings
  • Proposes abolishing Congressional pensions
  • Favors a conflict-of-interest provision that lobbying by former members of Congress for two years

Election reform

  • Favors restoration of the electoral process that is controlled at the state and local levels
  • Favors excluding the federal government from involvement in elections, including district boundaries, electoral procedures, and campaign activities
  • Calls for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act and its 1974 amendments
  • Believes each citizen has the right to seek elected office in accordance with state and federal constitutions
  • Calls for an end to “Major Party” status
  • Calls for the repeal of federal campaign finance laws
  • Calls for all electronic and mechanical voting processes to have a paper trail
  • Elections should be audited randomly

Healthcare and government

  • Opposes the bureaucratization of medicine in this nation
  • States that the federal government has no Constitutional provision to regulate or restrict peoples’ access to medical care, treatment, or supplies
  • Supports a patient’s right to redress through the court system

Tariffs and trade

  • Only Congress can regulate commerce with foreign nations, not government agencies
  • Favors the abolition of the Office of Special Trade Representative
  • Calls for US withdrawal from agreements in which agencies other than Congress have the responsibility over trade policy, including NAFTA, the GATT, and the WTO
  • Regarding tariffs, the US tariff on any import should not be less than the difference between the foreign production cost and a similar item produced domestically
  • Rejects the “most favored nation” concept in trade
  • Opposes Trade Promotion Authority
  • The US government should not protect or subsidize multinationals investing abroad
  • Technology transfers or exports that compromise national security should be made illegal
  • Any federally employed officer of the US or their spouse should not be allowed to represent a foreign government or entity regarding public opinion on trade


  • Opposed to mandatory conscription
  • Supports a well-trained and organized volunteer state militia
  • Supports a voluntary ROTC program

Electoral college

  • Encourages the elimination of the “general ticket” system of the electoral college
  • Calls the national popular vote a threat to the Constitutional Republic
  • Favors retaining the electoral college


  • Opposes abuse of visa programs (H-1B and L-1) which displace American workers with foreign workers
  • Favors a moratorium on immigration to the United States except in extreme circumstances
  • Opposes taxpayer-supported benefits for illegal aliens
  • Opposes extension of amnesty to any illegal aliens


  • Favors abolishing the IRS
  • Favors a state-rate tax based on population
  • For the purposes of taxation, corporations should not be treated as people
  • Pledges to cease collection of federal personal income tax
  • Supports fuel taxes to fund federal highways

Constitutional convention

  • Condemns all legislative, judicial, and executive action that departs from the Charter and Constitution
  • Opposes any attempt to call for a Constitutional convention


  • Calls for abolishing the US Department of Energy
  • Calls for private property to be respected without interference from government

Terrorism and personal liberty

  • There is no exception to the Bill of Rights for war or public danger
  • States that the war on terrorism is an excuse for the federal government to spend beyond its means and deprive people of their Constitutional rights

Copyrights and patents

  • Opposes the transfer of authority over patent policy and copyright from Congress to any other domestic or foreign agency
  • Favors more vigorous attempts domestically and abroad to protect copyrights and patents


  • Calls for a balance between development and conservationism
  • Supports efforts to reduce pollution in the air, water, and on land
  • Rejects the concept of man-made global warming
  • Calls for a return of land to states and local governments that has been seized by the federal government in the name of eminent domain
  • Calls for the repeal of federal wetlands regulations and the Endangered Species Act
  • Calls for the US withdrawing from UNESCO, Man and the Biosphere, and the UN Council on Sustainable Development
  • Opposes the Biodiversity Treaty, the Convention on Climate Control, and Agenda 21

Money and banking

  • Calls for a repeal of the Federal Reserve Act
  • Calls for prohibiting fractional reserve banking


  • Favors equitable pay and benefits to military personnel
  • Favors generous health, education, and other benefits for veterans
  • Resists any attempt to reduce benefits promised to veterans

Cost of big government

  • Calls for stopping all federal expenditures that are not specifically authorized by the Constitution
  • Calls for restoring federally usurped powers of the federal government back to the states
  • Calls for eliminating the national debt in the shortest reasonable time by not engaging in deficit spending, by paying interest as it accrues, and by making annual principal reductions
  • Favors avoiding gratuitous wars
  • As long as there is public debt the terms surplus and deficit should not be used
  • Believes that over time Social Security may be privatized without disadvantages, and that those who have already paid in are entitles to their proceeds
  • Calls for abolishing the Civil Service system

Executive orders

  • Opposes the use of presidential executive orders that go around legislative and judicial branches, and calls on Congress to halt this practice

Security of personal and private property

  • Opposes warrantless electronic surveillance, national computer databases, and national identification cards
  • Opposes any search or seizure that violates the Constitution, including those made in the name of combating terror or protecting national security
  • Oppose forfeiture laws that enable the confiscation of private property outside of due process
  • Opposes proposed banking laws such as Know Your Customer
  • Supports legislation that prohibits private parties from discriminating against those who refuse to disclose or obtain a Social Security number
  • Supports the notion that a Social Security number should only be used in the context of Social Security

Wages and price controls

  • Civil government does not have the authority to set wages and prices


  • Believes that in most cases crimes should be handled by state and local governments
  • Federal involvement in state and local crimes should be limited according to the Constitution
  • Opposes the designation “hate crime” because it creates an unequal system of justice


  • States that no civil government may define marriage or family relations
  • Affirms the importance of the Bible when defining family and familial relations
  • Marriage is between one man and one woman
  • Calls for an end to all economic formulas that discourage marriage, or those that incentivize cohabitation or child-bearing outside of marriage
  • Believes homosexuals, transgenders, and those who are sexually deviant should not have special protections or legal favor
  • Opposes hate crime and sexual orientation statutes
  • Affirms that parents have the right to nurture, educate, and discipline their children

Pornography, obscenity, and sexually orientated businesses

  • Favors a role for government protection for vulnerable persons from exploitation
  • Reaffirms the right to free speech


  • States that the provision of individual welfare and charity is not authorized in the Constitution
  • Encourages people to fulfill their personal responsibility to help those in need

The full Constitution Party Platform is available on the Constitution Party’s official website.